Smithfield Market: A 2am expedition

“Have a butcher’s”

This is old English slang simply meaning “to have a look” which was rather fitting being in the UK’s largest wholesale meat market. The market is officially open from 2am till noon but the majority of stalls operate between 3am and 9am. Hence it was an early morning for my girlfriend and I as we travelled down hoping for some good deals. (I’m so romantic with date nights)

1. Vehicles

We knew we were in the right place when we saw ALL the vans and trucks outside the building all lined up with men in white coats transporting their wares inside.

It was a lovely experience seeing all sorts of visitors with varying scales of requirements from us with our mere backpack to a lady bringing her suitcase and then the restaurateurs with their personal trolleys. We walked up and down trying to remember where we found the best price of certain meats and were trying to convert everything to £/kg which was rather difficult with no sleep.

In the end we ended up with 9kg of meat in our freezer which may have been overkill but after doing the calculations when I returned home (and got sleep), I saved between 30-50% what I would normally pay at the supermarket.

Smithfield anti vegetarian.jpg

Probably not a place for vegetarians…

But maybe a place for cake lovers?

Overall it was a lovely experience seeing the butchers working away in the background portioning the meat while their friendly staff at the stall fronts were more than happy to help us decide on what to buy. Hence I would recommend going down to Smithfield if you have the chance to pick yourself up some well priced produce.




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