Post-Picanha: My Opinion on Leftovers

“Make Your Go-to Recipes Even More Practical”

Hey guys. I wanted to give my opinion and recommendations on how people can handle leftovers. I was inspired to write this post after the success of my roast picanha recipe, which was mostly a simple roast dinner. In that post I briefly state you can make sandwiches out of the leftovers but that didn’t do justice to that piece of meat that went into making so much more after it was already cooked. Out of our £12.65 Smithfield picanha, which weighed 1.86kg, we ate:

  • 2 x 200g steaks
  • 2 x roast dinners
  • 2 x sandwiches
  • 1 x bowl of ramen
  • 1 x pizza
  • 1 x fried rice

So what’s my point? That we should plan ahead? Actually, no. Taking the example above, the first three dishes were very much planned, but the others were made up on the spot.

I appreciate that not everyone is going to plan their meals for the week ahead of time. I don’t. Still, I would assume that everyone has dishes that they are comfortable making, and with a bit of creativity, they can turn their leftovers into something special. Growing up, I was always told to use the leftovers in the fridge for fried rice or noodles, so this idea has been very much been hammered into me.

What’s important is that you have confidence in what you enjoy cooking. Maybe you love your salads. Suddenly you add a bit of leftover chicken, enhanced by a drizzle of your salad’s dressing. Or maybe you have some leftover vegetables that can now go into that leftover filo pastry sitting in the fridge (which I personally always waste…) to make a lovely tart.

Everyone has their tried and tested favourite recipes. I just want people to make them more personal and even more practical with the incorporation of leftovers. As it says on the front of this blog, “a recipe should inspire and not just command

But hey, this is a food blog, so here are some photos (of varying quality) of meals I have made over the last week using leftovers (from both the picanha and a batch of chicken gyros)…

Left: Homemade Pizza Topped with Mozzarella, Picanha, Mushrooms and Asparagus.

Right: Homemade Pizza Topped with Mozzarella,  Chicken, Mushrooms and Red Peppers.

Been on a bit of a pizza-making phase recently, so this was another opportunity to learn how to shape the dough right…I unfortunately failed 😦


Above: Soup Noodles Topped with Picanha and Spring Onions

This is a meal I’ve had countless times, and although this particular bowl of noodles may not be overly glamorous, it’s a simple, hearty meal.


Above: Chicken Fried Rice

As I said earlier, I had to learn to make fried rice and use it as a means to use leftovers and it’s really a takeaway favourite that is rather simple to make. I made a picanha version present in the featured image of this post. Any regular visitors to the site may also notice the gyoza from last week’s post.


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