A Slice of Life: 1. Dim Sum with my Mother

Hey everyone.

Thought I’d make a new feature for the blog to document my personal experiences beyond recipes and food outings. Although in saying that this post will have photos of food as I took advantage of my mother’s generosity and got to eat things I don’t normally have anymore.

As I said, my mother visited me in London last week and although she’s been in London before, she had never seen the main tourist attractions properly so there was something nice seeing her with a sense of wonder.

Mum and I at B Palace

But of course, with all that walking, you gotta eat and what I suggested we should have is Dim Sum which is a sort of Chinese version of Spanish tapas whereby you’d have many small plates of food. Hence we made our way back to Chinatown and sat in at Dumplings Legend.

Dim Sum

I haven’t had dim sum since coming to London and I thought it’d be  nice new experience for Amy (turns out she likes Chinese tea). The best part was how the waitress confirmed with us that we wanted 13 plates of food. At first glace it seemed like she was just double checking our order but when the manager comes over again asking if this was the correct quantity of food we realised maybe our appetite was greater than the average customer.

Tea for Me.jpg

After our most filling meal, I took my mother to New Loon Moon which is an Asian supermarket. My mother wished to look out for me so she goes ahead and buys us a couple of things which leads to some embarrassment as she starts asking the cashier various questions on products while the long queue of people waited their turn. But hey, a little motherly embarrassment for some free goods ain’t so bad.

It was a pleasant day overall and I look forward to her next visit. ^_^


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