A Slice of Life: 2. Up North to See the Girlfriend’s Roots

As I said in my last recipe, part of the reason why I was quiet on WordPress recently was because I was having a lovely weekend in the North East of England, learning all about where my girlfriend grew up.

But before we made it to the little village of Tow Law, our train stopped in Durham. It is a historic city that lies on the River Wear. Of course living in London, there’s the River Thames but as one can imagine, there was something much more pleasant with the peaceful River Wear.

My girlfriend for the longest time had been claiming up North had the best fish and chips and I had always thought this was just an exaggeration but then the day finally came…

Fish and Chip

I know fish and chips isn’t the most glamorous looking dish but it really is amazing when you find a good chip shop. Also in Durham, Bell’s served us dare I say, the best fish and chip I’ve ever had. The portion size was substantial, the chips were great and the large fish had a thin and crispy batter. To top it off, a portion of fish and chips was about £6.00 which is inexpensive in comparison to other places I’ve been.

What makes this place even sweeter is that this would be where my girlfriend and her father would go every year after Christmas shopping before returning home.

Speaking of the family and their accommodation, their home was lovely and since I haven’t been back to mine since moving to London, there was a real sense of comfort that I had missed.

Back in Belfast, I lived on the outskirts of the city where my home was across the road from many farms and their fields. Tow Law, was ALL fields which made for that nice familiar, comfortable change from city living in London.

Though maybe it wasn’t the fields, the lovely house or the hospitality I received that was so reminiscent of home but rather the large amount of home cooking that was set in front of me…

A roasted ham on the Saturday and then a complete roast chicken dinner on the Sunday, I ate like a king. But the sweetest, most adorable food experience was this…


Finding our breakfast left outside the bedroom door. I wasn’t going to include this due to my poor sleepy picture quality but I just had to. It really sums up the hospitality I received and I am happy we decided to make the journey there.








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