Hello and thank you so much for visiting my page. My name is Ah Wai and I recently moved to London having lived in Belfast for the majority of my life. I studied Architecture but decided not to pursue it further after I obtained my bachelors. I was at a bit of loss not knowing what I really wanted to do but eventually I realised I always had food as a passion and so I then went back to studying and got my City and Guilds Level 2 in Professional Cookery.


Final Architecture Presentation

Cropped College Photo.jpg

Final Pastry Exam

From there I jumped between kitchens to give myself insight on what kind of establishment I would like to work and most recently have now closed the long distance relationship gap with my girlfriend and moved to London where I currently work in a cafe.

I have created this blog to of course share my passion for food but beyond that I would like this to be a platform to tell stories that have led me to where I am but more specifically point out the mistakes I have made. It’s one thing to tell yourself of your issues but its another to lay it bare for others to see.

I hope this blog inspires people to cook but also demonstrates that failure is not a sole negative. Practise makes perfect and all you need to strive for is to become better than you were yesterday.